Below you will find a small percentage of testimonials received from some of the many satisfied people who have purchased hair loss products from me in the past.

Hopefully someday in the near future I will be adding your testimonial to this page :-)

Being in a similar position to yourself and dealing with these salesmen in various clinics I’ve visited over the years, has made me realise what total sense you speak, its easy to be brain washed when poaching on such a sensitive subject. I can honestly say you are a true genuine voice and its obvious from the detail you put in to your customer service that you have a passion to try to stop people making the same mistakes and spending thousands like I have done in the past.
Here you have a customer for life. Thank you!
(Daniel Williams)

Thanks for the fast delivery of the Minoxidil. My husband uses this all the time and has always brought it in Boots for £70 for 3 months. Have put you on my favourites list so will order again. Hope you carry on selling it, you have saved us loads!!! Thanks for your polite and helpful manner. Best wishes.
(Laura Booty)

Thanks for the amazingly prompt response. And thanks for all the advice. You're right, this stands to save me well over £1000.
(Nick Tucker)

I've used this service four times now and it has been nothing less than Superb each and every time. The products have always been delivered in superfast time, and he has communicated with me every step of the way, from when my order is first received, to when its dispatched and even follow up after that, to confirm its been received by myself. I highly recommend him and will not hesitate to buy from him in the future.
(James Lewson)

I am absolutely astonished and delighted with such speedy delivery of Minoxidil, which I bought from you via Ebay.
I received your parcel this morning. Thank you very much.
(Alexander Zhitenev)

The Minoxidil arrived first thing this morning - Thank you. I'd also like to say thanks for the all the info you sent me, I'm happy that you've found a way to treat your hair-loss - good luck with it & I hope I can get similar results. I'll order some finasteride next week and give it a try.

I'd just like to say you really are a top bloke. You take the time and effort to keep people informed about their orders and are very helpful in offering you're advice. It's a shame we didn't make the transaction through Ebay, so I could leave you some sort of positive feedback on your excellent service and friendly manner.

Take care and I'll speak to you again around this time next year when I need some more Minoxidil
(Pete Braithwaite)

I recently purchased some Kirkland Hair loss solution from you, Just to say thanks and also the information was really helpful.
(Follow Up: 5 Months later)
Hi, hope you are ok. Haven’t spoken in a while so I thought I’d drop you an e-mail. I’m actually excited as I have a result with the finasteride. My hair has definitely increased, and this is without the minoxidil, which I will be starting again with soon. Once again thanks for all your help.
(Steve Ross)

Thanks for the excellent service. The additional notes you included are much appreciated I have been buying my finasteride from the hair loss studio in Manchester at a staggering cost.
(Stuart Hickson)

Hi, I received the Minoxidil yesterday.
I found your service very professional and look forward to dealing with you again in the future. Many thanks. Take care.
(Talat Buta)

The Minoxidil arrived this morning at 8AM, I am very pleased with the way you dealt with this transaction, the ultra fast delivery, instant communication even at very unusual times in the morning when I thought that I was the only person still awake.
Many thanks it is a pleasure buying from you.
(Milan Puncer)

I ordered some Finasteride from one of your sites you recommended.
Have recommended you to a pal in Derbyshire who is in need of something for his disappearing hair!!!
(Pat Blackburn)

Hi, Minoxidil was delivered today. Thank you for the fast and dependable delivery.
(Michael Scheidweiler - GERMANY)

Thank you for your excellent and first class service having received the goods today.
I shall contact you when i need to re-order.
(John O’Malley)

Thanks for the consignment of Minoxidil and advice on Finasteride.
That was really fast service and I will be in touch again for some more Minoxidil.
(Brian Mason)

Many thanks for you communication and fast delivery.
The last batch of Minoxidil I ordered from the USA and the guy kept me waiting for 12 weeks with no communication, and it wasn’t until I started emailing twice daily he finally came back and sent the goods. It is nice to do business with somebody like-minded to myself. Many thanks
(Ian Berry)

Hello, this is to let you know that I received my Minoxidil order. Thank you and best regards.
(Jean-Luc - FRANCE)

Received the Kirkland stuff today and some invaluable info!! Thanks for the prompt service.
(Steve Hauxwell)

Thanks for the information on Finasteride, I do appreciate it. I received my Finasteride order exactly a week after ordering them.
Once again thanks for the info and I'll email you to let you know how I get on with them.
(Peter Davis)


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